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  • Strings of information, sent by the service provider server to the user’s computer. They contain the user name, so that the administrator may identify the user’s computer and track his/her favorite sites on the Web.
  • Cookies may be:
    • transient, also called session or “per-session” cookies are used to optimize navigation and are erased when the user ends the connection
    • persistent, if they are stored on a user’s hard drive, unless the user himself/herself deletes the cookies; they are used to collect a large variety of information, which can be tracked by the supplier of the service for different purposes
  • It is possible to check the use of cookies through specific browser set-ups: e.g. Internet Explorer permits, both for non-stored (per-session) cookies and stored cookies, to opt for full activation, activation after receiving a warning message and confirmation or deactivation.

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