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The Environmental Policy

On 31 July 2009 the Parent Company Board of Directors approved the document Environmental Policy of the Generali Group. 

The document, which covers 100% of employees, contains the guiding principles followed by the Group in managing all significant environmental aspects of business operations to ensure compatibility between economic initiative and environmental requirements. In particular, the Environmental Policy sets out objectives and commitments guiding the Group’s choices and actions in order to positively contribute to a sustainable development. The objectives relate to both the environmental impacts directly attributable to the insurance and financial activities of the Group and the indirect impacts associated with the procurement of goods and services, with the planning and supplying of insurance and financial products and with institutional investment operations.

In particular, the document meets the following requirements:

  • It refers to all the most important issues;

  • The Top Management is responsible for the document;

  • It undertakes to use specific targets;

  • It undertakes to monitor environmental performance and perform internal controls on the efficiency and effectiveness of the Environmental Management System;

  • It undertakes to publically report on the Group’s environmental performances.

In order to communicate and disseminate the Environmental Policy to all stakeholders, a specific procedure has been defined at Group level.

In addition, the document Group objectives and targets for environmental improvement has been defined as to develop, implement and maintain active the Environmental Policy and, consistent with this, the environmental objectives. It will be periodically reviewed.

The company is developping the initiative named "5 Stages for the Environment" as mentioned in the audio interview to Marina Donati, Head of CSR dept, to the italian "Radio24" on December 18, 2011.

The Environmental Polciy of the Generali Group (.pdf 74 KB)

Transcript interview to Marina Donati at Radio24 (.pdf 65 KB)


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